It is about stories . . .


” Stories are the way . . . human beings understand . . . how we have come to be who we are; narratives show us what is important in our lives.  Stories make the magic of fate visible. ” Quote from A Tale of Highly Unusual Magic by Lisa Papademetriou.


This quote is from the “Author’s Note” at the beginning of the book, and I could not agree more!  I began my summer break with the challenge to read as many books as possible, but I realized I do not want to focus on the raw number of books.  While it gives me bragging rights, it does not feed my soul.  So I am selective in my choices.

Since I teach Middle School, I have come to love stories in the Young Adult genre.  Not only do these stories portray protagonists who are accessible and real, but they bring me to an age of growth and development that I want to understand.

While I don’t see myself as ‘old’, I recognize that the span between me and my students continues to widen with time.  So these stories give me a bridge of language that enables me reach across the great divide and share an experience about what is important in our lives.  This is how I want to teach the love of reading to my students!



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