Gardening is a Work of Art


I love to play in the dirt.  It takes me outdoors to enjoy nature, and I love the rewards of blooming flowers and strategically-placed plants.  It is pleasing to the eye, and I see it as a creative work of art.

One aspect of my garden involves ‘landscape painting’ – I see my garden as a canvas on which I draw an outline of pleasing shapes to be colored with shrubs and flowers. Another aspect of my garden involves ‘landscape architecture’ where some elements are joined together to create pleasing paths, spaces and shapes.

Gardening Blog 2

Whether I am a painter or an architect doesn’t matter; what matters is that I love the process of creating something new that did not exist before.  I find new discoveries every day as I walk the gardens with my coffee in the morning, listening to birds and watching the butterflies.  And I am rewarded with the thought that I created this, and it makes me happy.



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