How the Maker Movement Makes Sense


Yesterday I got to ‘play’ in Studio(i), the new space in our school for the Maker Movement, and I had so much fun!  Along with other teachers, we were introduced to Silhouette Studio software and a vinyl printing machine to make stickers.  While I had problems printing mine, here is a picture of it:

Vinyl Sticker Maker Movement

This experience gave me a better appreciation of the ‘Maker Movement’, a creative learning revolution that is impacting our world of education.  Not that I was skeptical of it, this just helped me experience the ownership of “learning by doing”.

Every teacher wants their students to ‘own’ their own learning.  I have seen that a prepackaged lesson plan can deprive students of engaging on the level of ‘doing’ during a Making Experience. There is a saying in the Maker Movement that says it all: “If you can’t open it, you don’t own it” (Source:  “How the Maker Movement is Transforming Education” by

Yesterday I “owned” my own learning and developed some new skills.  I had a great experience, and I look forward to more of these alongside my students.  I can see I have a LOT to learn, but with a growth mindset, we will all develop the right skills for the future.




2 thoughts on “How the Maker Movement Makes Sense

  1. Great post Maggie! I LOVED your sticker, and getting a chance to ‘play’ in the Maker’s Space together yesterday! What a fun time this will continue to be for us all, and our students!

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