Infusing Design Into My Thinking


I have the opportunity to be a student for 3 days while I attend the Fuse16 conference at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School (MVPS).  My first experience was working through a full cycle of DEEPdt during the DT101 Lab.

This was a hands-on experience where we DID the stages of design thinking: Discover, Empathize, Experience and Produce (DEEP).  I was totally engaged because it was not a lecture explaining the process – I was actually designing something!  The morning finished with a panel discussion with educators and students at MVPS to answer questions we had about bringing this process back to our classroom.

Fuse16 Panel

I look forward to learning more about design thinking, as this is a powerful way for students to BE designers.  Just like project-based learning (PBL), students will have the chance to “own” their own learning.


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