Learning By Design


Fuse16 Group


We are on Day 2 of the Fuse16 conference, and I continue to have a great time as a student while I learn the “Discover-Empathize-Experiment-Produce” (DEEP) process.  In order to apply this learning, we work with local organizations that wish to make changes to sustain growth.

I have the honor to work with a local non-profit organization, Love Beyond Walls. According to their website,  “we exist to raise awareness of societal needs through technology and storytelling, and mobilize people to take part in it.” And they are good at it – really good at it -so we are helping them design a future to manage their rapid growth.

Fuse16 Spark Activity After Lunch

And we had fun with it.  This is what I want for, and with, my students.  I really appreciate the challenges and rewards of this approach to learning, and plan to design my curriculum using this strategy.


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