Recreation and Relationships


A summer to embrace the 4R’s:  Relax, Recreation, Relationships, Reflection.  This has been an amazing season, and this lens of introspection using the “R’s” has been helpful.  It has helped me see the importance of relaxing – something that I once viewed as sloth-like and unbecoming of productive people.  I now see it as an integral part of life that provides insight into peacefulness (especially among family members!)

Today I embrace the beauty of recreation, and its ability to build relationships.  This is based on my experience in three venues: A family reunion, a trip to an educational conference and a trip to nature:

Family Reunion:  My daughter graduated from high school, and the family from Minnesota joined me in June to celebrate this occasion.  Since this event was held in Atlanta, a Braves game was the major attraction.  (See the awesome picture in this article).  Words cannot express the enjoyment of this outing, and the bonding achieved with my brothers as we shared this sport.

Educational Conference:  I travelled to Portland, Oregon to attend a conference focused on expeditionary learning – expanding lessons beyond the classroom.  I made connections to other educators and learned new techniques to build relationships with my students.

Trip to Nature:  A visit to Cumberland Island has been on my bucket list for years.  I was thrilled to hike into pure nature – the only access is by ferry, and since motorized vehicles are not allowed, one enjoys the island only through hiking and camping.  I appreciated the beauty of wild horses, armadillos and other assorted animals, and renewed my relationship with Mother Nature.

I love teaching, and I look forward seeing a new group of students in a few weeks.  I know I will do a better job with it because I am renewed by this time of rest.  Before I step back in the classroom, I need to reflect on the new ideas I have embraced this summer.