4 R’s


I embark on my first full week of summer break; two months outside of the classroom to refresh and relax.  Those words do not belong in the above-mentioned ‘R’s, though.  The four words that I will pay attention to are:

  1. Rest
  2. Recreation
  3. Reflection
  4. Relationships

Rest:  Since I stopped setting an alarm and I don’t have to eat lunch in the cafeteria in a 20-minute timespan, I figure I am resting.  This really feels good.

Recreation:  My ability to recreate has expanded as well.  I can garden in the morning before it gets too hot, so I can curate these lovely spaces of earth.  I can also fit my exercise regimen into a time of day when I actually have energy;  this is not sandwiched between a full day of work and making dinner.

Relationships:  I am very focused on relationships with my family, as I have missed them during the busy school year.  With my daughter heading off to college this fall, I want to make sure I have a good foundation of communication with her before she starts that journey.  Reunions with extended family, and a trip to the beach sound perfect.

Reflection:  I left this one to last, because it is my challenge for the summer.  According to dictionary.com, this word means “a fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration”.  I plan on ‘fixing my thoughts’ on the investigation of  BME (a new acronym in education) – Brain/Mind/Education, which is the integration of neuroscience into lesson planning.  This sounds like “very serious thought”! But, this excites me, as I initially had dreams of pursuing a career in psychology, yet time and money had me short-circuit to a shorter path.  But, NOW . . . I can explore this passion and it has a real feeling of purpose.

I look forward to summer, and this one holds much promise.





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